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Intel Celeron D 315 2.26ghz 533mhz 256k 478pin Cpu, Oem

Spacer Intel celeron d 315 2.26ghz 533mhz 256k 478pin cpu, oem Spacer

Manufacturer: Intel
Part Number: RK80546RE051256,NE80546RE51256
MSRP: $114.44
Sale Price: $108.99
Sale Price: $108.99
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Specification mfr part number: rk80546re051256,ne80546re51256 process type: intel celeron d processor 315 frequence: 2.26ghz fsb: 533mhz cache: 256kb process: 90nm socket: 478pin ppga package: oem. specializes in computer-related excess inventory, manufacturer-closeouts, high-demand and hard to find-end of life computer components and peripherals. We offer a generous 30-day return policy. Clearance items may be returned within the warranty period for replacement only and software may only be returned if it is unopened. The usual cost of this product in retail and big box stores is $114.44. If you buy from Pacific Geek right now, you'll save as much as 5%! The products from are shipped from several different locations around the country. Since we use several points of origin, you may receive part of your order a day or so before the entire order arrives .


I received my order on time, the computers are working perfectly, and the service was quick, and very efficient. Thank You again.

Frank - Brooklyn, NY

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