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Intel 2800 Sl7tn Lga 2.80ghz/256/533/04a

Spacer Intel 2800 sl7tn lga 2.80ghz/256/533/04a Spacer

Manufacturer: Intel
Part Number: 2.80GHZ/256/533/04A
MSRP: $74.54
Sale Price: $70.99
Sale Price: $70.99
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Intel 2800 sl7tn lga 2.80ghz/256/533/04a. is BizRate Customer Certified and we have more experience than any other competitor with our origins going back to the computer mail order business in 1978! You can purchase this Intel 2800 Sl7tn Lga 2.80ghz/256/533/04a and automatically recieve our 30-day guarantee warranty. We now also offer out of warranty repairs on any item. The usual cost of this product in retail and big box stores is $74.54. If you buy from Pacific Geek right now, you'll save as much as 5%! We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, as well as PayPal Cart and Google Checkout. A 7.75% sales tax will be charged for orders shipped in Nevada.


Fast delivery, quick fix of errors, excellent quality products. Used products look great, and work great. Just keep emailing the specials and have cheap usps shipping and I'll be back again.

David - Staten Island, New York

Intel 2800 sl7tn lga 2.80ghz/256/533/04aIntel 2800 sl7tn lga 2.80ghz/256/533/04a INTEL 2.80GHZ/256/533/04A 90 Day Warranty$135.99

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