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Dell Cdrw/dvd Inspiron 1150

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Manufacturer: Dell
Part Number: Y2363
MSRP: $61.94
Sale Price: $58.99
Sale Price: $58.99
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Dell cdrw/dvd inspiron 1150.

Pacific Geek does not have a retail store; all sales are via our leading direct-to-consumer eCommerce site. Pacific Geek is HACKER SAFE and adheres to the highest standards of e-commerce security. Today, our web-only price of $58.99 is 5% off the MSRP price - a savings of $2.95! The products from are shipped from several different locations around the country. Since we use several points of origin, you may receive part of your order a day or so before the entire order arrives .


I received my order on time, the computers are working perfectly, and the service was quick, and very efficient. Thank You again.

Frank - Brooklyn, NY

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