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2-port 100base-fx Mda Expansion Module

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Manufacturer: NORTEL
Part Number: BPS2000-2FX-MDA
MSRP: $198.44
Sale Price: $188.99
Sale Price: $188.99
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2-port 100base-fx mda expansion module NORTEL BPS2000-2FX-MDA 90 Day Warranty. is BizRate Customer Certified and we have more experience than any other competitor with our origins going back to the computer mail order business in 1978! Pacific Geek is HACKER SAFE and adheres to the highest standards of e-commerce security. Most electronics stores charge the suggested retail price (MSRP) for this item, which comes out to $198.44 plus tax. At Pacific Geek, you save $9.45 on our web-only pricing - that's at least 5% off! We offer shipping by FedEx Ground, FedEx Air Services, USPS Priority and First Class Post. You may receive parts of your order as separate shipments on different days to maximise our efficiency.


So far so good ~ Ordering was very quick and easy ~ Goods shipped Fri 5-2 . I need more of the same.:)

Charles - Sunderland UK

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