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1.44mb Flexible Disk Drive

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Manufacturer: EPSON
Part Number: D3878-69004
MSRP: $191.09
Sale Price: $181.99
Sale Price: $181.99
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1.44mb flexible disk drive EPSON D3878-69004 90 Day Warranty. headquartered in Las Vegas, NV, is a leading direct-to-consumer eCommerce site specializing in overstock and unique computer components. We offer a generous 30-day return policy. Clearance items may be returned within the warranty period for replacement only and software may only be returned if it is unopened. This item is currently marked-down to the price of $181.99, a discount of 5% off the suggested retail price. The products from are shipped from several different locations around the country. Since we use several points of origin, you may receive part of your order a day or so before the entire order arrives .


Awesome deals! Everything shipped fast and is working great! Highly recommended to all my geek friends!

Mark - Wilmington, MA

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