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1076-6318 Dmd, Tdp-ex20j

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Manufacturer: TOSHIBA
Part Number: 75009016
MSRP: $466.19
Sale Price: $443.99
Sale Price: $443.99
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1076-6318 dmd, tdp-ex20j TOSHIBA 75009016 90 Day Warranty.

PLEASE NOTE: PRODUCT ON THIS SITE IS SOLD IN LIMITED QUANTITIES: ONCE THEY ARE GONE THEY ARE GONE! WE GET NEW PRODUCT DAILY, SO CHECK BACK TOMORROW and SEE WHAT WE HAVE. We offer a generous 30-day return policy. Clearance items may be returned within the warranty period for replacement only and software may only be returned if it is unopened. Today, our web-only price of $443.99 is 5% off the MSRP price - a savings of $22.20! The products from are shipped from several different locations around the country. Since we use several points of origin, you may receive part of your order a day or so before the entire order arrives .


Awesome deals! Everything shipped fast and is working great! Highly recommended to all my geek friends!

Mark - Wilmington, MA

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